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Recommended Reading

Below are some books I recommend for reading or reference and are available at our local libraries as can be seen from the scans. Most of them are in local context and provide useful information on fishing and fishes for local anglers.


Be Happy - Go Fishing
by Grant Pereira

This books covers most of everything for your general fishing needs; introduction to different types of fishing, knots, hooks, baits and other tips on fishing. Whether you're new to fishing or an old salt, this books is worth reading through.

The author is Singapore's representative for IGFA(International Game Fish Association)















Singapore Waters: Unveiling Our Seas
by Chua Sek Chuan, J. Low; Lisa Gouw-Iwata

This book tells the story of the old days when the water of Singapore was a paradise to divers and fishermen alike. Urbanization and land reclamation have claimed many marine coastal habitats over the past decades.

A very picture intensive book with well taken photographs of common sightings and wildlife around Singapore waters in the past and present. These includes fishes, birds, mammals, corals and other marine life.

Marine conservation is also highlighted along with the team of volunteers, marine biologists and conservationists alike out there studying and preserving what's left of our marine habitats.










A Guide to Common Marine Fishes of Singapore
by Kelvin Lim K. P. & Jeffrey Low K. Y.

This is a pretty handy book to bring along with on your fishing trip if you're not familiar with common fishes of Singapore. It's a pocket-sized book so it's not too much of an baggage to bring along with you to fish. You can browse through it while waiting for a biggie to come by!

Contents of this book includes an introduction to the costal marine habitats around Singapore and trivia information about marine fishes such as relationship between fishes and highlights of some dangerous fishes to avoid. The main content of the book is a collection of the common marine fishes in the form of fish pictures and a short description.

This book is very affordable and can be bought at Popular Bookstores. Alternatively, you can view the entire content for free at its website:











A Colour guide to the fishes of the South China Sea and the Andaman Sea
by Singapore. Primary Production Dept, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Marine Fisheries Research Dept

This book covers mainly the cover commercial fishes - the fishes you can see from the fish market in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Information about each fish includes a short description with pictures. Good point about this book is that it has fish names in English, Chinese and Malay. Other information such as the commercial value of the fish, techniques and where they are commonly caught are also a plus.