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Local(Singapore) Fishing Websites
Shore Fishing in Singapore [Website II] - Surfcasting and tips on shore-based fishing
LBH Surfcasting Unlimited - Information and articles about surfcasting
DFW The Lurer's site - Lure fishing
Eric's Fishy Corner - Personal Fishing Gallery
FishSiao's Fishing Journals - Pics Gallery
AO Fishing - Pictures of catches and spots
Talk to the Beef - Fishing adventures, tips and charters
My Fishing Frenzy - An informative fishing website on various fishing tips
Singapore Fishing Hotspots - Detailed fishing spots around Singapore
Fishing around Singapore - A guide to Singapore fishing

Local Fishing Forums
Fishing Kaki
- One of the oldest forum based on catch-and-release awareness(commercialized)
Wat-The-Fish - A fishing forum created by the the previous FNR team.
Fishing Outing - Fishing trips, mostly offshore and overseas jigging and popping
goFishing - A new fishing portal for Singapore anglers.
SGAnglers - Another fishing portal for sustainable fishing in Singapore
Fly Fishing Singapore - Freshwater and Saltwater fly fishing in Singapore
FishingSG - Another fishing forum based on Singapore fishing.
Saraben Fishing - General salterwater fishing

Associations and Clubs
Sport Fishing Association (Singapore) - A voice for Singapore anglers(?)
SIM Angling Club
- A fishing club from Singapore Institute of Management
NTU Anglers' Club - Angling Club of Nanyang Technological University

[acfishing] [anykastanyfish] [crazzfisherboy] [eastcorezsurfanglerz] [felixeng] [fishingkakis] [flyfishingclubsingapore] [FlyFishingJournal] [flyfishwithmel] [hook-a-fish] [iBoey] [KimBakLor] [lkyfish] [LorryGang] [lureaddicts] [mathewtanfishing] [mindtheshark] [minibaker] [myfishingfrenzy] [myfishingjournal][myfishinglife] [Nafishnafish] [Nelayan Club] [our-fishing-adventure] [PunggolBoy][sagaiwarrior] [samfishingdiary] [Shore'sFighter] [singapore-fishing-fanatics] [SingaporeSeaBrothers] [SingaporeSurfAnglers] [syednazz] [TeamAnglingAddict] [TeamASAM] [yii-bjt]

Fish Identification and Reference
Fish Species - Local freshwater and marine fishes around Singapore
Raffles Museum - Common marine fishes of Singapore
Fishbase - Global fish database
Hong Kong Artificial Reef Project - Reef Study and marine fishes
Hong Kong Marine Fish Database - Another fish database from Hong Kong
Fish Identification - Step by step identification from Fishbase - Probably the best source of information on snakeheads on the Internet

Weather and Tide Predictions
NEA Weather Information - Rain Areas, Wave Forecast, Surface Wind, [Wind Report]

Tide Tables - NEA [month], Victoria Dock [Graph :: Year], Horsburgh Lighthouse, RSYC [month - hourly, pdf], Raffles Marina [month - hourly], SAFYC [Year]

Sunrise and Moonrise
NEA - [Sunrise / Sunset Times and Moonrise / Moonset]

[Street Directory] [Singapore Expats] [SLA StreetMap] [] [Google Map] [Show Nearby] [EarthSG]

Travel Guides
[SMRT Train] [SMRT Bus] [SBS Transit]
[CityCab: 6552 1111] [Yellow Top: 6293 5545] [SMRT: 6555 8888] [Smart: 6485 7777] [Comfort: 6552 1111]
[Premier: 6363 6888] [TransCab: 6555 3333] [Prime Car Rental & Taxi: 6778 0808] [SSTA (Private Bus Charter)]

Government Statutory Boards
National Parks Board (NPB) - Incharge of National parks and gardens like Labrador Park and East Coast Park.
Public Utility Board (PUB) - Incharge of reservoirs and its designated fishing grounds
JTC Corporation - Incharge of Japanese, Chinese Garden and Jurong Lake.
Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) - For marine related matters, such as watercrafts, ports, etc.
Singapore Food Agency (SFA) - Incharge of fishery acts.


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Mariners & Clubs

Marina at Keppel Bay
Address: 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Marina at Keppel Bay Singapore 098382
Tel: (65) 6303 8448 / (65) 6303 8434

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
Address: 52 West Coast Ferry Rd Singapore 126887
Telephone: (65) 6768 9288
Fax: (65) 6768 9280

Punggol Marina (Marina Country Club)
Address: 600, Punggol 17th Avenue Singapore 829734
Tel: (65) 6388 8388
Fax: (65) 6388 1600

Raffles Marina
Address: 10 Tuas West Dr Singapore 638404
Telephone: (65) 6861 8000
Fax: (65) 6861 1020

SAF Yacht Club
Contact of 2 Locations
Map: Changi Clubhouse - HQ :: Sembawang Clubhouse

One°15 Marina Club
Address: 11 Cove Drive, Sentosa Cove Singapore 098497
Tel: (65) 6305 6988
Fax: (65) 6376 0888

Keppel Marina (Obsolete)
Address: 10 Bt Chermin Rd / Lot 1016 & 2003 End of Bukit Chermin Road Singapore 090000
Tel: 6377 5425 / 6270 6665