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FG Knot

FG Knot is an almost seamless joint to connect a braided line to a mono line. It is often used for connecting main line to a shock leader and this joint offers 100% knot strength if done correctly. The 'seamless' joint can be smoothly retrieved through the rod guides to the reel which allows more flexible casting and rig options. It is a knot popularly used in big game fishing.

1. Make a double of approximately 30 cm from the braided mainline.

2. Wrap the open end of the braided double onto the little finger to form a loop.

3. Spread the index finger and thumb into the loop to form a taut line between the two fingers.

4. Without moving the ono leader, turn the left wrist to face upwards. This will create a cross wrap on the mono leader.

5. With each 5 wraps. Tighten the wraps and while keeping tension, pull the mono leader end slightly, and pulling your mainline together. Repeat it for every 5 wraps. (This wrapping is essential, so do not compromise on this wrapping. Untidy, or overlapping is a no good sign.)

6. Make about 15 wraps along the mono leader and then release the remaining line from the little finger.

7. Create a loop at the tip of the mono line. (Instead of the usual half hitches)

8. Weave the loose end of the braided line about 5 rounds wrapping the mono line.
Pull the loose end of the braided line towards the mono line.

9. Trim the loose end of the mono line with about 5mm left.

10. Finish the end with heat.

Note: The strength of the FG knot comes from the crisscross wrapping of the braided line on the mono line. It is essential that these wraps are uniformly tight to give a good grip on the mono.

Credit: Article contributed sgpu.