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Long Snood Bottom Feeder Rig (LSBF)


The long snood bottom feeder rig is a popular rig for surf fishing, typically targeting for sizeable bottom fishes from shore. The main characteristics of this rig is its long snood which helps to present the bait more naturally against the current. This rig works just as effective for bottom fishing from a boat.

Rig specifications (use default values only if you are unsure)

Section Sugguested Length Default length Remarks
A 2ft 2ft  
B 1.5ft - 3ft 1.5ft  
C 3ft - 6ft 3ft Max hook line length dependent on rod length for optimal casting.
Joint Suggested Type Default Type Remarks
i loop, swivel, direct line-line knot Barrel swivel / palomar knot  
ii - iv Spreader, 3-way swivel, T-knot 3-way swivel / trilene knot Spreader will replace the 3-way swivel, T-knot will replace the entire intersection.
v loop, clip clip / palomar knot  
vi Snelling Common snell  

Tying Procedure

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It is important to note if casting is required (i.e. fishing from beaches), the length of the hook line is limited by length of rod and it affects overall casting distance. For shore use, once the rig is casted out, the mainline should be left slightly slack. The aim is to let the fish take its own time to swallow the bait and hook, the fish is less likely to be spooked due to the slack and long hook line.

As soon as the fish got all the bait into its mouth, it will want to move off. That's when it feels something wrong and makes a dash for it. That's also when you'll see your line paying out line. If the line is slack when you pick up the rod, you should reel the line taut to feel for any fish on the end of the line. If there is, you should set the hook immediately, otherwise slack the line a little and wait for any reactions.

Circle hooks are suitable for this type of rig, with exception of drifting in boat fishing. Setting of hook should not be done at any time.