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Ranggong Rig

Ranggong schematics

Ranggong rigs are used in bottom fishing from boat, especially during night time or when current is very strong. The uniqueness of this rig is its ultra long hook line and a spreader is a must to prevent this long hook line from entangling with the main line when it is lowered to the bottom. This rig is often coupled with a heavy set of tackles for targeting big fishes.

It is an excellent rig for wreck fishing because you can lower the rig from a distance away from the wreck and let the bait drift near to the wreck. This decreases the odds of your rig getting caught in the wreck when a fish makes a dash.

Rig specifications (use default values only if you are unsure)

Section Sugguested Length Default length Remarks
A 6ft - 12ft 9ft can be longer when required
B 3ft - 5ft 3ft can be entirely replaced with shock leader
Joint Suggested Type Default Type Remarks
i Line to line knot, Swivel Barrel swivel / trilene knot  
ii, iii Trilene knot Trilene knot  
iv Snelling Common snell  

Tying Procedure

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This rig is has very long hook line, it is important to put some pressure on the line when lowering the rig to the bottom. Despite having a spreader, the hook line can still get entangled with the main line if the rig is to fall freely down. The rig can be held all the way at the bottom but typically, the rig should be raised 3ft - 6ft off the seabed.