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Surgeon's Loop

Surgeon's loop is one of the easiest way to make a loop. You can tie this loop in a very short matter of time and you can easily tie it in the dark. It's great to use when you're out fishing and have to use it to tie a rig because you've snagged your last rig or to save time when the fishes are biting. This loop is acceptably strong but strength can vary quite a bit if you do not form and tighten the knot properly. You can use this loop to connect to the main line via a swivel or attaching a sinker by simply looping over its eye.

1. Take one end of a fishing line and bend it back to itself to form a loop, holding it with your thumb and index finger. Next, form another loop using the existing loop as shown below.

2. Pass the first loop into the second loop three times. Your knot should look like this after 3 wraps.

3. Form the knot by pulling the knot on both sides. Take note that you should grip onto all four lines when tightening the knot or the knot will not be formed properly.

If done correctly, the wraps on the knot will not overlap on each other.