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Trilene Knot

The trilene knot is a very strong knot for tying swivels or just about anything with an eye. It retains over 90% of line strength and the double loop through the eye gives it extra protection against abrasion and slippage. Another reason why it is a strong knot is because it is tightened from the open end of the line. It can be a little difficult to tie on high diameter lines and tightening the knot properly is essential.

1. Pass the open end of a fishing line through the eye of a swivel twice forming a small loop, leaving about 10cm of line after it.

2. Use your thumb and index finger to retain the small loop and wrap the open ended line around main line five times.

3. Pass the line through the small loop which your thumb and index finger was holding onto.

4. Push the knot up towards the swivel compacting the wraps and then pulling the open ended line to tighten.

5. If you're tying the knot using monofilament lines, you'll find that the knot will extend out if you stretch the line. Therefore, you will need to push the knot up with your thumb while you stretch the line down. Pull the open ended line again to tighten. You may need to do this a few times to ensure that the knot is tightened.