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It's becoming a common practice for anglers to have a camera while fishing to help them document their trip. With a camera, the good moments during fishing can be captured and shared with friends and family. It aids documenting of the catches on each trip, and essentially used to back up one's claim when they say "I once caught a fish this big".

Cameras are also useful to document your fishing spots for analysis, especially when you're fishing near shores or reef. Taking pictures of the spot during low and high tide can aid you in analyzing how the current follows and where the fish are likely to gather due to the landscape influence.

Going Digital

Using digital camera has advantages over conventional film cameras. In a digital camera, you can review your shots on the spot and delete any pictures that you don't like without having to waste space/'film'. Pictures are stored a memory card and modern card storage can easily hold over a hundred images. You can transfer them onto your computer for backup or easily duplicate them with a few simple clicks.

Storing photos in digital form also mean that we can manipulate them using computer software to do that extra touch up to the pictures before printing them out. You can also upload your images onto the internet to share your catches with online fishing communities.


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created 20th june 07