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Common Name(s): Zebra Tilapia
Scientific Name: Tilapia Buttikoferi
Local Name(s): [Hk]Orh Peh(?), [Md]九纹龙(Jiu3 Wen2 Long2)
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

This introduced species is common in all our reservoirs and also kept by aquarium hobbyists. It is one of the most aggressive cichlids around and will attack fishes bigger than its own size. This is why this fish can sometimes be caught one lures; not because it was preying for the lure, but rather attacking it out of its aggressive nature.

The Zebra Tilapia can be found solitary and also in groups, sometimes together with other species of cichlids. Typical adults can grow up to 500g - 700g. They are omnivorous but prefers more plant diet, and can be easily caught using bread.

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