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Common Name(s): Blackbarred Halfbeak
Scientific Name: Hemiramphus Far
Local Name(s): [Hk]Zui Jiam, [Hk]See Tiam Orh(?), [My]Put-put
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 30 secs

This is the most favoured local species of halfbeaks. It is identified by the distinct black spots on its body though sometimes they may appear to be faint. They come in very large group during its seasons and are easily spotted swimming in schools near water surface. They are more likely to swim closer to the surface when the water is calm.

Halfbeaks are pretty greedy fishes and are easy to catch. The fact that they swim in groups makes it easier as they race against each other for your bait. Prawn meat and shrimps are usually used to catch them but bread may also work. In large unspooked schools, they'll take artificial baits such as 'tamban hooks' readily. Berlying some of your baits will help keep the entire group of halfbeaks swimming close to you and makes them easier to catch. Halfbeaks will eventually get spooked after a large number of their group members are being caught, they become wary of your bait and are very hesitant in taking them.

Halfbeaks can be found all round our shores throughout the year. During halfbeak seasons, lots of anglers can be seen at jetties targetting for them. Sight casting is probably the best way to catch them; meaning spotting where the halfbeaks are precisely and casting your bait towards them. A pair of polaroid sunglasses is essential for sight casting. Use of single hook with float is recommended. More hooks tend to get the entire rig entangled easily when the halfbeak jumps and flips during hookup.

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