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Common Name(s): Snakehead Murrel, Common Snakehead
Scientific Name: Channa Striata
Local Name(s): Haruan, [Md]生鱼(Sheng1 yu2), [Md]礼鱼(Li3 Yu2) , [Hk]Luui Heurr, [My]Aruan
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 5 mins

This fish is sometimes referred to as "local snakehead", because it is a native fish as opposed to the common Toman. The haruans are smaller in size but are a much hardier fish. They're very adaptable harsh conditions such as shallow waters, small enclosed areas and even tolerating brackish water. Like the walking catfish and walking gourami, the haruan can survive a long period of time without water and is able to find its way to another water body.

Haruan are usually brownish to black in colour depending on their habitat. This colour freckles into its cheek and abdominal area which are white in colour.

The haruans love to eat frogs. They often scour or wait patiently along weedy banks for frogs coming into the water to breed. They also feed on fishes, worms and insects. Haruans don't grow very big, although they're quite common throughout reservoirs, ponds, marshes and streams, it is uncommon to find one above 2kg. You can catch Haruans using any of its natural food as bait, lures will work as well.

The haruan is often made a nutritious soup when prepared with herbs and are said to be good for those who are recovering from surgery and for mothers after labour.

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