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Common Name(s): Russell's Snapper
Scientific Name: Lutjanus Russellii
Local Name(s): [Md]红皂记(Hong2 Zao4 Ji4), [Hk]Ang Zho Kee, [Tc]Ang Zhor Kee, [My]Tanda
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

The Russell's Snapper share alot of similarity with the John's Snapper. Like the John's snapper, it has a dot on its body, which led most anglers to mis-identify the fish. It can be found throughout local waters and commonly found near rocky areas or in places with structures and covers. They are also less likely to be found in coral reef areas as compared to muddy seabeds, river mouths and swampy areas.

Unlike the John's snapper, they don't grow very large. Encountering one over 1kg is considered uncommon in local waters. They are aggressive in feeding, especially when they are in a group. They don't have too choosy diet, and will take prawns (dead or live), squids, small fishes and worms.

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