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Common Name(s): Indian Threadfish, Diamond Trevally
Scientific Name: Alectis Indicus
Local Name(s): [Md]照明(Zhao4 Ming2), [Hk]Jio Beng, [Tc]Jior Meng, [My]Chermin
Precaution: Harmless
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 30 secs

The Indian Threadfish, not to confuse with the Indian Threadfin, is one of the most common trevallies you can find in local waters. They good fight and meat quality they offer makes them sought after by many anglers. This fish can be found just about anywhere along our coast as well as offshore waters. They will also move into brackish waters to look for food.

Juveniles (those below 200g) are rarely caught or sighted. They have very long thread like fins and are more 'squarish' in shape compared to the adults. As it gets older(above 2kg), adult Indian Threadfish gets more elongated and tend to lose the threads on its dorsal fin. Size ranging from 0.5kg - 1.5kg are most often caught in local waters. They can be found solitary or in groups.

Indian Threadfish feed on small crustaceans, fishes and squids. Live prawns are known to be the best bait to catch them. They takes bait fast and usually end up gut hooked if there's no immediate setting of hook. That may not be entirely a bad thing since their mouth tear easily. In any case, we shouldn't use excessive force to fight this fish. Use a net to land the fish whenever possible.

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