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The T-knot is used for attaching hook snood to the main snood of a rig. The knot is strong and looks pretty, it also creates a short stiff branch which is useful for preventing the hook snood from entangling with the main snood.

1. Form a loop in the middle of the main snood and insert the hook snood through the loop as shown below.

2. Use your index finger and thumb to hold the loop and hook snood in place. Turn the hook snood around and wrap the loop for at least six times.

3. Insert the hook snood into the loop and tighten the knot. You should tighten the two lines indicated by green arrows first followed by the red ones.

4. Once the knot is formed, we want to make a dropper loop using the main snood.

5. Overlap the two sides of main snood and twist them together for six rounds. (illustration not showing six due to using thick lines)

6. Use one finger to retain a slot in the middle of the twist and pass the hook snood through it.

7. With the hook snood passed through, pull on both sides of the main snood to tighten the the knot.

8. If the knot is formed correctly, it should look like a T.