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Common Name(s): Pickhandle Barracuda, Giant Sea Pike
Scientific Name: Sphyraena Jello
Local Name(s): Barracuda, [Md]沙君(Sha1 Jun1), [Hk]Sua Guun, [My]Ikan Kacang
Precaution: Sharp Teeth
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

Barracudas are known to be the tigers of the sea. They're aggressive and lightning fast. Their sharp cutting teeth are capable of snapping its prey into pieces. Barracudas are pelagic fish and can be found swimming in groups. They can grow as large as 6 ft but 2-3 ft ones are usually caught in local waters.

Barracudas feed actively in day and night. Live fishes or squids are excellent baits to catch them and they will also fall for artifical lures. Because they have very sharp teeth, it is advised to use wire leader when fishing for them. They can snip off nylon lines effortlessly.

Meat quality of this fish isn't too favoured by anglers in general and are said to be inferior to most snappers, groupers and trevallies.

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Reference: Fishbase, RMBR


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