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Common Name(s): Yellowtail Barracuda
Scientific Name: Sphyraena Flavicauda
Local Name(s): [Md]沙君仔(Sha1 Jun1 Zai3), [My]Ikan Kacang
Precaution: Sharp teeth
Edible: Yes
CNR Time: 1 min

This is a smaller species of barracuda compared the Pickhandle Barracuda. It can be differentiated by its bright yellow tail, coarser scales and they don't have the faint vertical bars on its body as the Pickhandles do. But like its larger cousin, the yellowtail have sharp cutting teeth. Because of their small size, they aren't as successful in snipping off our nylon lines as the larger species. Typical size in our local waters rangers from half to one and a half feet long.

The Yellowtail Barracuda can usually be found hanging in shallow reefs and its fringes. They feed on small fishes and shrimps, and can sometimes be caught on tamban jigs. It is a much better tasting fish compared to the Pickhandle, but beware of its many fine bones when eating them.

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